Freedom at Risk

Freedoms are Being Put at Risk!

  • Constitutional rights are being violated
  • Freedom of speech. guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, is at risk
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube are removing videos without reasonable justification
  • Respected doctors are being fired from their positions for merely stating their professional opinions
  • People are being jailed without due process
Media Disinformation and Censorship

Doctors talk about the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat and potentially cure COVID-19 infection during its early stages.  This video went viral on Monday, July 27th, as the most popular video on the internet.  Due to its controversial content, the social media giants – Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube – removed their video from their platforms.

Link to video: Doctors talk about the use of hydroxychloroquine to cure COVID-19

This was in effect a press conference that was held after a full day seminar held by and for doctors, about the impact of the Coronavirus Covid-19, its impact to the nation and world, and the potential use of hydroxychloroquine to treat patients in the early stages of infection by COVID-19.

Since the video went viral, Dr. Simone Gold, who moderated the conference, has been fired by her employer. The reason given:  she had participated in an “embarrassing video”.  Dr. Gold has since been interviewed by Fox News, and has hired an attorney to seek justice in the matter.  

Social Media Banning Information on Use of HCQ

July 19 – The Epoch Times –  President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended a video, banned by Twitter and other platforms, featuring doctors making positive statements about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19.

Trump was asked during a press briefing Tuesday whether he could clarify his position on the effectiveness of the drug, used for decades to treat conditions like malaria and lupus, in treating the CCP virus, the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 respiratory illness.

The president said the drug’s safety has been borne out by a long history of its use in treating malaria, lupus, and other conditions. He added that while the science around its use in treating COVID-19 is still unsettled, many people, including doctors, believe it is successful. But the issue has become distorted by politics, Trump added.

“Many doctors think it is extremely successful—the hydroxychloroquine—coupled with the zinc and perhaps the azithromycin. But many doctors think it’s extremely good, and some people don’t. Some people—I think it’s become very political,” the president said.

Trump himself took hydroxychloroquine for two weeks earlier this year as a preventive measure. He told reporters that his own experience with the drug was positive, saying, “it’s safe. It doesn’t cause problems. I had no problem.”

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Scott Adams: Disinformation Campaign by the News Media Concerning HCQ

CNN Distorts the Facts to Paint Hydroxychloroquine as Dangerous

Link to video by Scott Adams, explaining how CNN is distorting what the president is saying about a proven anti-viral drug that might work in the early stages of Covid-19 infection:

Censorship Campaign Launched by Social Media

Social Media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter struggling to remove controversial movie “Plandemic”, claiming it is promoting falsehoods. 

May 6, 2020 – Rick Owens, The Postal News:  “Dear fellow postal employees, postal retirees, and postal families. I wanted to share this video (below) with you BEFORE it is pulled from YouTube or the Internet – it is my belief that this will happen very quickly. You should watch the video and draw your own conclusions. If for some reason the YouTube video is pulled and you cannot watch it here then please follow this link where you will be able to watch it – IMHO IT IS THAT IMPORTANT – the link” is

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May 11, 2020 – The Hill:  “Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms have removed a viral documentary-style video titled “Plandemic” that promoted conspiracy theories about the coronavirus.  The 26-minute video, which was framed as part of a longer documentary on the coronavirus pandemic, promoted several false claims, including that wearing a face mask makes it easier to get the virus and that shelter-in-place orders hurt the immune system.

It also claimed without evidence that the coronavirus was invented in a laboratory in order to promote vaccinations. Judy Mikovits, an anti-vaccination activist, makes many of the claims in the video.”

Comments:  Here are my comments on why these claims listed above may have a great deal of truth to them. These statements are being taken out of context – you have to watch and listen to the movie to understand what is being said.  For the movie to be banned due to these supposed false truths is an attack on freedom on the press:

  • “Wearing a face mask makes it easier to get the virus” – people are in fact wearing a face mask while running, jogging, and working out, due to the fact that the CDC guidelines did not include proper guidance for how and when to wear a mask.  Thus many people are breathing in CO2, and allowing their rspiratory system to function properly.  There are plenty of sources which state this may in fact weaken your immune system, making it easier for the next version of thei virus to infect you. Note: From Business Insider, April 7th: New guidance from the World Health Organization released on Monday says healthy people don’t need to wear face masks and that doing so won’t provide added protection from the coronavirus.
  • “Shelter-in-place orders hurt the immune system” – If you shelter in place under closed doors, you are not getting fresh air, sunlight, and indeed once again taking chances with weakening you immune system.  Sunlight is a key source of vitamin D, and getting out and breathing fresh air – rather then recycled, used air through air conditioning systems which may even dirty filters – is going to keep your immune system strong.  
  • “The coronvirus was invented in a laboratory” – Why this may be true, there are several lines of evidence that support the notion that the virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan. and needs more investigation:  1) The Chinese government had originally promoted the notion that the virus had its origins in a “wet market” where bats were sold for food, but later it was discovered that bats were not being sold at the “wet markets”; 2) The earliest documented patient, a man in his 70s who was bedridden from a stroke, fell ill. He had no connection with the Wuhan seafood market, although it is true that a number of early cases were from shppoers in the “wet markets”; 3) The there were two biotechnology labs in Wuhan – the origin of the virus – that were experimenting with corona viruses.  So although the virus may not have been “invented” in a lab, there is evidence that it may have originated in these Wuhan labs, either accidentally, or on purpose.

We believe that the deletion of this video from Facebook, Twitter and other social  media platforms is a form of censorship, and in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s 1st Amendment – the right to a free press.

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