Mandatory Vaccinations Have No Place in a Free Society

Aug 24, 2021 – The FDA, a regulatory agency of the US government, has just approved a DNA based vaccine for general use in fighting Covid 19, after 595,682 adverse effects reported, and 13,068 deaths (gov VAERS reporting system). And this is just what has been officially recorded in the gov adverse effects reporting system (more may have adverse effects, or ben killed). The swine flu vaccine was halted in 1976 because it had caused 50 deaths.

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With the Delta strain of the virus now in effect, the effectiveness of these vaccines has been reduced to around 50%, and is falling. Getting a “booster” shot will do little, since the vaccine is designed for the original Covid-19, not the Delta variant. The gov refused to recognize that natural immunity in persons who have recovered naturally from the virus is as strong or stronger than vaccine induced immunity.

These vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus, as vaccinated individuals can still catch Covid, and spread it to others. They do no prevent hospitalization or even deaths, as people who have been vaccinated are being admitted to hospitals, and vaccinated people are still dying (for example, director of Israel’s Public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, announced half of all COVID-19 infections were among the fully vaccinated). Its difficult to track Covid related “break through” infections and deaths in the US, since the CDC has made a decision not to track or report this (perhaps they don’t want you to know?).

How can the FDA defend this decision? Never has a so-called vaccine been “approved” this quickly, with so many deaths and injuries!

From an article entitled “Mandatory Vaccination: The Greater Evil of Society”, by Abir Ballan August 24, 2021 Updated: August 24, 2021:

COVID-19 presents a high risk of severe illness and death to a few and a negligible risk to the majority of the population. The median age of death with COVID-19 is similar to that of natural mortality in most countries. Ninety-five percent of hospitalizations occur in individuals with one or more existing health problems. And 99.95 percent (pdf) of individuals below 70 survive. Survival is even higher for healthy individuals. Children and young people have almost zero risk of death from COVID-19.

The epidemiological reality of COVID-19 lends itself to a focused vaccine approach, not a “blanket” mandate foreced on everyone. A focused approach offering a safe and efficacious vaccine to high-risk individuals (mostly people above 50, with other health problems) when the benefit of the intervention clearly outweighs the risk. This strategy achieves the best outcome for all.

Mandatory vaccination has no place in a free society. Public health policy should never be coercive and should always be participatory. Decisions must be made by those who have skin-in-the-game and not by bureaucrats or a conflicted elite who will never have to live with the consequences of their actions. The role of public health agencies is to provide the public with accurate information and respect individuals and communities to make their own decisions.

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Lab Shows the Vaccine’s Spike Protein Damages Vital Organs

Wed Aug 18, 2021 – 10:29 am EDT

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – (LifeSiteNews) An independent lab founder and seasoned pathologist has graphically displayed the inflammatory damage to vital organs inflicted by the COVID jab-created spike protein.

During a one-year anniversary White Coat Summit on vaccines, Dr. Ryan Cole emphasized the finding that the spike protein created by injected mRNA spreads throughout the body, and itself causes disease – and he had the lab images to show it.

Key Points in article and video:

  • Inflammation is being caused by the spike protein from Covid-19 vaccines, and is found in the heart, lungs, kidneys, as well as brain tissue
  • Graphic images were offered as proof
  • The spike protein from the injection circulates in your blood, and “lands in multiple organs in your body”
  • ACE2 receptors allow the spike protein to bind to organ tissue
  • “Brain fog” is being reported from post vaccinated individuals as well (not just those with Covid)
  • There have been over 11,000 who have died shortly after they were vaccinated. Yet only one autopsy. Why? Why is almost nothing is being invested in autopsies to investigate the safety of the COVID shots?

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The Law and Vaccine Mandates

Courtesy of Front Line Doctors:

The law is clear. An experimental vaccine cannot be mandated. We want you to be armed with resources to advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Use the link below to download a letter template to utilize related to your employer or school attempting to mandate the Covid-19 experimental vaccine candidates. Please edit the portion in red, specific to you, and distribute. Send to principals, superintendents, department of education officials, managers, corporate officers, etc.

Put everyone on notice! Send on your own or unite with others’ signatures in support of your movement. Informed and united people are truly the greatest threat to tyranny!”

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ZERO Covid Deaths Among Healthy Kids

Rather than acknowledge science, Dr. Makary says the CDC continues to use ‘flimsy evidence’ to push the COVID vaccine upon children.

A team of Johns Hopkins researchers recently reported that when studying a group of about 48,000 children, they found zero COVID deaths among healthy kids, but the Centers for Disease Control doesn’t care.

Makary says the CDC’s untrustworthy reporting doesn’t stop there. He adds that, “The CDC may also be under[-]capturing data on vaccine complications.” The CDC bases its risk-benefit analysis for vaccinating all children on complication rates from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database (Vaers). However, Makary argues that this database is composed of self-reported, raw data that “is unverified and likely underreports adverse events.”

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COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization in Children Under 16!

A number of doctors and parents have sued the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its secretary, Xavier Becerra, in a federal court, seeking to prevent the expansion of the emergency use authorization (EUA) of COVID-19 vaccines from including children under 16 years old.

America’s Frontline Doctors—a nonprofit organization—and parents filed a motion for a temporary restraining order in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama on May 19, saying “every plaintiff with children or patients in the target age group stands to be immediately and irreparably harmed by the extension.”

“We’ve never seen this level of side effects for any vaccine without the FDA taking action,” Dr. Angelina Farella, pediatric medical director for America’s Frontline Doctors, said in a statement. “The Rotavirus vaccine was pulled for 15 cases of non-lethal side effects and the Swine Flu vaccine was pulled for 25 deaths. But now, by the CDC’s own data, we are seeing a 12,000 percent increase in deaths with these vaccines and they’re still talking about giving this to our kids.”

According to the CDC’s own medical and scientific data, in the last four months, more than 4,000 deaths tied to COVID-19 vaccines were reported as opposed to 1,500 total deaths in the previous ten years for all vaccines, the statement pointed out.

Dr. Farella said that children are at statistically zero risk for COVID-19. The data shows that the survivability rate for COVID-19 patients under the age of 20 is 99.997 percent.

“There is no public interest in subjecting children to an inoculation program, in order to protect them from a disease that simply does not threaten them,” said the plaintiffs’ leading attorney Lowell H. Becraft.

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Lockdowns are a Bad Strategy for Dealing with Coronavirus

March 3, 2021 – The collateral damage of lockdowns, which has been well documented, includes widespread poverty, depression, bankruptcy, and unemployment.Coid-19 Locked Down

Meanwhile, the benefits of lockdowns remain murky at best. Due to lockdown, people are committing suicide, becoming addicted to drugs, and worse. Several studies show there is little correlation between government restrictions and lower COVID mortality rates.


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One hour after Biden inaugurated, WHO changes COVID testing criteria

The change is expected to cause cases to plummet

January 22, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In what some have suggested is politicized timing, the World Health Organization on Wednesday changed the protocol for COVID-19 tests, which will result in large reductions in the numbers of positive cases. The body took this action just one hour after Joe Biden was sworn in as president of the United States.

The new guidance for assessing the results of PCR COVID tests effectively means that there are additional steps to be taken before reporting that someone has tested positive for the virus. The WHO notes that “a new specimen should be taken and retested” and further stipulates that “health care” workers should weigh up the test result alongside real-world information, such as symptoms or “clinical observations,” and contact with any other infected individuals.

One user on Twitter explained the WHO guidance thus: “PCR positive is no longer = Covid. You are not Covid now unless you get a second test to confirm it, and are presenting clinical symptoms.”

Politicized timing?

number of commentators have pointed to the politicized timing of the WHO’s news, noting that the new instructions, which could lead to a decrease in reported COVID cases, came only “one hour” after Joe Biden was sworn in as president. They suggest that Biden could reap the profits of the re-classification of COVID case numbers.

Independent journalist Patrick Henningsen commented on the timing: “Proof of a ‘pandemic’ scam in 2020: the day #Biden is sworn in, WHO magically order #COVID testing laboratories to reduce their #PCR CT cycle threshold – which will automatically slash phony ‘cases’ & ‘deaths with COVID’. #BillGates-funded WHO fraud..”

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WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity to Require Vaccination

WHO changes its definition of ‘herd immunity,’ making widespread vaccination essential

Experts, including Stanford epidemiologist Dr Jay Bhattacharya, say the new definition is wrong

GENEVA, Switzerland, December 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its definition of “herd immunity,” redefining the term as something only achievable when the “vast majority of a population are vaccinated.” 

It was recently discovered that the WHO changed this definition, suppressing the fact that immunity happens as a natural process in populations as individuals are infected and develop immunity to a particular virus.  Such “herd immunity” can, potentially, be assisted by a vaccine but is not dependent upon it.

One must ask, why is the WHO doing this?  Herd Immunity is NOT dependent on vaccinating everyone. This So the reason, by deduction, is that they are trying to motivate everyone to take the new vaccines, which are …

  • Being rushed to market
  • Have not gone through through testing as is normally the case
  • Are using a new, unproven mRNA technology
  • Experiencing various concerning side effects.

The WHO’s new definition is largely drawn from a speech delivered in October by the organization’s Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  It suppresses the fact that herd immunity is achieved by natural means and narrows the concept as to apply only to the process of vaccination, suggesting that protection from COVID-19 can’t happen without mass vaccination. This is a deception. He states:

‘Herd immunity’, also known as ‘population immunity’, is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached.Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it…With herd immunity, the vast majority of a population are vaccinated, lowering the overall amount of virus able to spread in the whole population. 

But Stanford epidemiologist and co-author of The Great Barrington Declaration, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, has stated that the World Health Organization’s (WHO) new definition of “herd immunity” does not rightly define the biological reality.

Bhattacharya told LifeSiteNews, “The revised definition of herd immunity’ at the WHO site is not actually a definition of herd immunity.  It provides a nice description of how vaccines can protect people against infections and makes a sensible, but obvious, point that we should not intentionally infect anyone with a disease.”

However, he clarifies, “[h]erd immunity describes the situation when – because of both natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity – every new person infected with an infectious disease will pass the infection on to an average of one person or fewer. At that point, the number of infected people will tend to shrink.” This, he states, is “the end point of many epidemics, and will be the end point of this COVID-19 epidemic.”

Finally, he affirms, “The WHO attempting to alter the definition will not change that basic biological fact.”

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Pfizer COVID warning: unknown fertility impacts

WESTMINSTER, England, December 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Government produced safety instructions for a new coronavirus vaccine indicate that it should not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding mothers and children.

In addition, they state that it is unknown what effect the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine will have on fertility.

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