Updated I-Mask-+ Protocol for Treating the Delta Variant

From the FLCCC Alliance:

Oct 1, 2021 – The Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has updated their I-Mask+ protocol for defeating the Delta variant.

Supporting information
Questions regarding the multiple additions to the I-MASK+ protocol for the Delta variant can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions page http://www.flccc.net/new-i-mask-faqs. Here you will find answers to the the critical role of anti-androgen
therapy, the safety and need for higher dosing of ivermectin, and guidance on the number of components of the protocol that should be used in the treatment of an individual patient.

Efficacy of Ivermectin
Ivermectin is a medication uniquely suited to treat COVID-19 given its now well-described, potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.
The efficacy of ivermectin is supported by results from 64 controlled trials, 32 of them randomized, and 16 of those were double-blinded, the gold standard of research design.

A summary (meta-analysis) of these trials find statistically significant reductions in transmission, time to recovery, hospitalization, and death. The most up-to-date summary of the totality of the supportive evidence for ivermectin in COVID-19 can be found here: www.flccc.net/flccc-summary-of-the-evidence-of-ivermectin-in-covid-19

Finally, in a historic achievement of public health, as of September 16, 2021, the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has effectively eradicated COVID from its population of 241 million people

Link: https:www.hindustantimes.com/cities/lucknow-news/33-distrcs-in-utar-pradesh-are-now-covid-free-state-govt-101631267966925.html

after widely distributing ivermectin in their treatment and prevention protocols for COVID-19. Please see also https:/flccc.net/ivermectin-in-covid-19/epidemiologic-analyses-on-covid19-and-ivermectin/ The Latest Results of Ivermectin’s Success in Treating Outbreaks of COVID-19.

>> Go to the Link to the I-Mask+ Prevention Protocol and Early Treatment Protocol for the Covid-19 Delta Variant: https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/FLCCC-Alliance-I-MASKplus-Protocol-ENGLISH.pdf

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